Yosemite National Park Elopement

Yosemite is perfect for couples that are looking for intimate elopement inspiration in one of the most iconic national parks. It’s been a tough year for Yosemite and northern California during this summer season with fires and smoke leaving Yosemite closed until mid-September. There are so many amazing details that make this elopement special. From the fall color palette of rich blues and purples, a black wedding dress, and stunning red details. The unique wedding arch is in the shape of a circle made on the spot from planner Melanie Lopez. The reception space was a low bohemian style table with jewel tone pillows and decor. A converted horse trailer from Tipsy Horse served as the cocktail area and bar. The most stunning and my favorite was getting to experience sunset in Yosemite! 

Ceremony & Bridal Details


Reception & Cake

Sunset at Glacier Point – View of Half Dome

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