Wedding Albums

Your first family heirloom

I'm not shy about my love of wedding albums. I honestly view wedding albums as your first family heirloom that will stay with your family forever. In my first year of marriage I looked at my wedding album at least once a week and even now (I've been married for five years), I still have it prominently featured in my home. When friends come over for the first time, they ALL go for my wedding album.

I want the same for you.

Let's talk about quality

For an album to last, the most important thing is quality.

Regular press photo books are low-end photo books that are mass produced using inkjet printers and stock papers. You can find them by Googling photo books.

My albums are fine art which is extremely different than regular photo books in having a stronger, tighter, finer, and superior core. They are hand mounted on thick inner substrate with real silver halide photo paper. They are built like a brick, seriously, they are bound like hardback books not stapled together with cheap binding. These are heirlooms, built to last.

Your heirloom is custom designed by me with your favorite images. I pre-design a custom storytelling-style album for every wedding client (so you don't have to try to narrow it down!) and we'll finalize the perfect design together. Once complete, you'll have a unique one-of-a-kind album you’ll enjoy for a lifetime and that will last for generations.

All Album Designs Include:

-Album pre-design by Kelley

-Complimentary, custom design consultation

-A three rounds of revisions is included in the pricing, if needed; additional revisions are $100 per round

Please note, heirloom albums are unique works of art that contain limited images per spread to provide a sleek and beautiful experience. Each full spread (consisting of a left page and a right page) may contain from 1-10 images, with most album designs containing 50-70 images, depending on the storytelling design. If you are interested in a book with all of your gallery images, please contact Kelley for more information + current pricing.​

Start Here...

Step 1: Pick Album Size

I offer 3 main sizes:

8" x 8", 10" x 10", and 12" x 12"

Parent albums typically come in 8" x 8" and are identical to your album, just smaller. Adorable 6"x6" albums are a great addition too!

Step 2: Pick a Style & Color

I offer leather or linen album options in these colors to fully customize your first family heirloom

Genuine Leather Options


Step 3: Select Text Placement

Please note: If you choose a Cameo Window Upgrade, there will be no text on the cover of your album

Step 4: Select Font & Foil/Debossing

We offer foil with debossing in 6 colors: Gold, Matte Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Silver, White. We also offer what is called "Clear" or "Blind" debossing, which uses no foil. Genuine Leather and Leatherette use foil and debossing. Linen does foil without debossing.

Step 5: Album Investment

Let's Make This Album!

Standard Album Collection Investment


8" x 8" Album 20-pages


10" x 10" Album 40-pages


12" x 12" Album 60-pages

Add To Your Order

Cameo Window Upgrade is $50

Foil/Debossing text is $100

Add-on an identical 8" x 8" parent album for $450, receive 10% off your entire order when you order two or more parent albums

​Add the perfect purse sized 6" x 6" album to any collection - perfect as gifts to family members (20 pages) for $350

​Add additional pages (in sets of 2) for $30 each page

Simply give me a few details about what type of albums you're looking for, quantity, etc. and I'll be in touch shortly to begin the process!