A Venetian Elopement with Yessine & Marco

February 21, 2023

Venice, Italy is a destination that is fantasized by many couples. It is known for its romantic canals, ancient architecture, and picturesque views. It is no surprise then, that for many couples, Venice is the perfect city for an elopement. What could be more magical than a couple exchanging their vows in the city of water?

Recently, Yessine & Marco decided to make their dream of a Venetian elopement come true and to capture this special moment, they enlisted my help to capture the beauty of their elopement in the most breathtaking of ways.

The couple began their day in the stunning St. Mark’s Square. I was able to capture their expressions as they took in the beauty of Venice’s iconic piazza. After a few shots in the square, we set off to explore the canals of Venice. My favorite was being able to capture the couple on a gondola as they passed through the canals and under the historic bridges.

We made our way to the city’s most romantic and iconic spot: the Rialto Bridge. This is the perfect spot for any couple to exchange their vows and as their wedding photographer was able to capture the couple’s intimate moment as they made their commitment to one another. Capturing their joyous celebration as they walked hand in hand through the winding streets of Venice and made their way back to their hotel is something I’ll always remember. I captured the entire day on film, which makes it even more special and timeless. I hope you enjoy!

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