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Being a wedding photographer is my favorite thing in the entire world. If you want to grow your business, I'm here to support you with tons of free resources, templates, workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

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Reviews from past coaching clients

"I hired Kelley Williams to mentor me in the growth and development of my new photography business.  Kelley was immediately invested in my success. She provided me with her time and commitment and was willing to continually share information. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and possesses the attributes of a good teacher. She provided me with guidance and constructive feedback.  After working with Kelley, I have a sense of direction and a clear vision for my business. Kelley has excellent communication skills and is able to deliver information in the most effective way. Kelley is a good mentor committed to helping photographers like myself find success."

"I am constantly inspired by Kelley and her stunning photos. When I had the opportunity to schedule a mentor session with her, I was so glad I did! She took the time to review my work, share practical tips, and encourage me to have confidence in my work, which empowered me to start submitting my photography for publication. Kelley is not only an inspiring photographer, but a beautiful person. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is beyond blessed! Her sweet words of encouragement have stayed with me. She consistently reminds me to believe in myself and I am so grateful for her!"

Kirsten B

Rosa C

CoNtent Day!

Watch the video & Come to the next content day!

Review of content day from an attendee:

Wow Kelley is amazing, not only is she a talented photographer, but her creative eye and professionalism is another level. I aspire to accomplish half of what she does! I attended her first content day, which was absolutely breathtaking. I have also taken her styled shoot course, which led me to plan my own shoot. The work and amount of time it has taken me to style the shoot makes me never want to do it again. It takes A LOT of effort to do it on your own - so attending Kelleys content days is well worth the time and money to have her style an elegant day to boost your portfolio, get experience with models, and work/connect with other photographers. Her content days are more than I could ever ask for. The outcome from the shoots have booked me multiple weddings, helped me level up my portfolio, and even grow my own confidence in my work. Thank you Kelley for all that you do, your passion in helping others is evident, and I couldn’t recommend your styled shoots more! No matter what stage you are at in your business this will 100% benefit your business!”

Alyssa F.


The best thing you can do for your business is invest in your education. Click the button to go to my courses page where you can get started immediately! Be sure to check out my signature course, The Styled Shoot Essentials Bundle!



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Check me out on the Dare to Develop Podcast! I talk all about how I developed genuine friendships in the wedding industry which has grown my business into what it is today.

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Check me out on The Daniel James Photography Podcast! I talk all about how you can plan your first styled shoot, plus I mention some exciting projects like Styled Shoot School!

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